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Israel is scared of Al-Ridwan Brigade entering occupied Palestine, says Hezbollah – Middle East Monitor


Lebanon’s Hezbollah has warned that it will not leave Palestine alone to be attacked by “Zionist wolves”, a senior official has pointed out. Israel is scared of the potential for the movement’s Al-Ridwan Brigade to enter occupied Palestine, added Hassan Hoballah.

Hezbollah’s official in charge of Palestinian relations was reported by Rai al-Youm as saying that the US has advised Israel not to change the rules of the game in Palestine following the desecration of Al Aqsa Mosque by new far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

Hoballah said that Israel knows that the battle with the axis of resistance is “impossible” and it has been afraid of the increasing power of the Lebanese resistance group. “The resistance is now surrounding Palestine and it has weapons that will change the rules of engagement,” added Hoballah. “That’s why we look to the future with much hope.”

According to Rai al-Youm, many Israeli journalists and experts want information about Al-Ridwan Brigade, also known as Al-Ridwan Special Forces. They believe that it will take over Al-Jaleel region in northern Galilee. The brigade consists of elite Hezbollah fighters and is tasked to carry out secret missions, Rai al-Youm explained.

“The resistance in Lebanon has imposed a new balance that prevents Israel from carrying out any attack in order to avoid any response,” said Hoballah. He claimed that the US and Israel have changed their strategy in the region from military confrontation to economic and commercial measures.

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